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After 20 years as a working professional in the video industry, founder Paul Bliss was increasingly being asked to consult on various video projects with a wide range of budgets and levels of complexity. It was all this interest in how to make better videos that lead us to create Simply put, was born out of the idea that anyone, with the desire or need to make great quality videos can do it quickly and easily when given the right guidance, tools, support and services.  

After scouring the web for an elegant intuitive solution to turn people on to, we began to realize that such a solution (although many got close) did not exist. So we took on the challenge.

No easy task, but when an idea becomes a passion, it seems that no task is too great. We started with the concept that the do-it-yourselfers needed a complete simple-to-use video production system, created and tested by professionals. A system made up of world-class step-by-step tutorials and a cool tips, tricks and exercise section.  From here we began adding multiple layers of products, services, tools and support for the perfect blend to help everyone, from the video enthusiast to the professional, get through any situation.

Our professional staff has worked in and on every style and format of media presentation. Film, broadcast, international, commercials, corporate, music videos, event, video walls, internet, multimedia, training videos, educational, documentary, travel logs and, our personal favorite, our own home movies. You name it and we can help you find a solution to all your video needs… at any budget! Years of experience at your finger tips.  

So, whether you’re making a video for broadcast, Internet, your company, community or family, is here to help.

Our only goal is your video success, so make your little video secret.

About Us